Sunday, March 27, 2011

FOIL update

Well, i was wrong.  The SS school district DOES NOT have to post the minutes within ANY time frame.  They must MAKE THEM AVAILABLE.

As i have learned from dealing with the school, they will use whatever tactics suit them to discourage FOIL requests.  When i submitted mine it took them the FULL amount of time to respond, which i way more than it should have given how little they responded with.  When i appealed, it took them the FULL amount of time AGAIN... all in all it was SEVEN WEEKS to go through the process.

SO if you want the minutes in a timely manner, you have to GO TO the school and ask to read them.  If they deny you that, well then they are breaking the law.  Hopefully sometime in the near future our administration will enjoy some FOIL training so they can do a better job complying.

My next FOIL request will go out soon...  I have to submit it early since i know it will take so long.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Joan Healy, second grade teacher at Division Street School Doesn't Belong in a classroom.

In the springs of 2010, my wife and i started to notice our son acting in a different manner, and the changes weren't good.  He was rude to us, mean to his sister and generally very unhappy.  This was a big change from the kid we knew and loved in first grade, and after months of talking to him about why he was behaving like he was behaving, it lead us to discover that his 2nd grade teacher was being emotionally and verbally abusive of our son and his classmates.  I'll get into more details later on, but  this is how my son, and his classmates, started their day back in May 2010

(the names of students have been changed to protect the students identities)
On May 7th, 2010 ~ 9:10 am;

Mrs. Healy: I’m sorry, your names on the board, were going outside today if I don’t see those 4 papers done you have a place in Mrs. Handy’s room today. I just went and talked with her. Same with you Johnny, nine, 9 papers, you have beat Lisa, you know that? Lisa, he has more papers not done than you. Can you believe it? Nope! You beat her, you have more papers on your desk than Lisa has to do. What does that tell you? That you can’t close your mouth, and both of you boys are going to Mrs. Handy’s today when we go outside unless you can get nine papers done. So if I were you I would start sitting down right now. That is ridiculous, that is absolutely ridiculous. Nine papers, and don’t you take those post it notes off until you hand that paper to me. Nine papers, I almost choked when I came in. I could not believe it, nine. And you’re out of control too Mary, you will join the boys if you don’t get that homework done. You are out of control with your talking, your wandering, you’re out of control…. Hurry up Gary, that’s it for you for water today, you can’t go there again unless you ask me, sit down. This is ridiculous, you never took this home. I told everybody to take it home. It’s still here, put it in your take home. This is not corrected, this is not done, this is not done, I am very unhappy, this I think is done but you never put it in the math basket. This is not done, this is not corrected, don’t get out of this chair until you hear me say “Yes you may”. Nine papers, I almost choked when I came in. And Lisa… she left it here… here Lisa, bring it back home… No this is ridiculous…

Troy: I don’t get how you could have nine papers.

Mrs. Healy: I don’t either Troy. I have no idea, Racheal asked me for extra work yesterday, she did, and the only thing Racheal doesn’t have is a reading skills sheet. You have every single thing, don’t you Racheal? That everybody else has in here. So does Lisa, so does Lori, so does Gary, the only thing they don’t have is one reading skillsheet, but this is ridiculous, when I walk in and see four, five, six, you need to give me your corrections. What is this? If I were a student and had nine papers or four papers on my desk not done I would say to myself “boy, I must be talking so much”. I go and help Gary or Lisa, people at the rug, should they be working? What do you think Casey, should they be working? As soon as Mrs. Healy gets her fanny off that chair, they turn around and start visiting. They have their math under their nose, do the touch it? Noooo…. Boy… This introductory letter was [supposed to be done] and then you put it in the homework basket.

Student: I did that.

Mrs. Healy: Good girl Lisa. Boy o boy, this is very upsetting on a Friday, this is not the way to end a week. So I just went over and talked to Mrs. Handy’s sub. From 12:35 to 1 o’clock, the rest of us are going outside. You guys who have all your names on the board if you can’t get it done, you’re not going with us.

Student: [makes a faint statement]

Mrs. Healy: You got it buddy, I’m not going to put up with this. Me taking away 5 and ten minutes of recess is not working. You’re blowing me off, like “I don’t care”.

Student: [makes a faint statement]

Mrs. Healy: No they just don’t care. Oh, Mrs. Healy is only going to give me five minutes. So I’ll just you know… wrong. Ralph, same with you. If I count any more of those papers on your desk you will join Johnny, you will join Jimmy, and Mary. You will go over there. Get yourself organized. This is ridiculous. The only people who should have papers on their desk are Ally and Brian. Those people should have extra papers. But you are too busy looking at yourself in the mirror. So I want you to get busy today. We have to make a mother’s day card at the end of the day. And I’d like all of us to be doing this, so maybe you’ll just close your lips and if someone starts talking to you you will say very kindly, very politely “Please leave me alone, I’m working”. I’m sure you can say that. That’s not being offensive, that’s not being nasty, that’s being… you’re being focused. “Please leave me alone”. Boy, nine papers I almost … and I had a three hour meeting after school last night. And I still came and got your board work on. Three hours.

Student: That’s a lot of work.

Mrs. Healy: Boy, I can’t believe it, and they make me do mother’s day cards. And I can’t even have… I don’t if I can have everybody make them. The people that are making them today will end up looking like this. Were making a flower basket for our wonderful mothers and were writing a poem, and we are going to put a nice message inside in our best penmanship. So hopefully everybody will be doing this. And Larry you left this introductory letter right on your desk so I guess I’m not getting it today. Who brought back their introductory letter introducing our new science unit on nutrition? Great. Adrian you go to the homework basket I’m going to have a homework help. You be the homework helper Adrian and just put all the homework together so I know who brought it in today, so you’re going to be my homework helper. I’m going to pick a homework helper every day to see exact, not when I get home at night when I have so many papers. I’m going to find out right away who is putting their homework in in the morning. I’m going to find out right away. This is ridiculous.

Announcements: Good Morning, today is Friday May 7th 2010...

What a way to start a weekend, huh?

OR ON MAY 12th, 2010 ~ 9:10 am;
Mrs Healy: "No you can’t, not with that mess on your desk. Look, One more day you leave that chair down and you don't put it up… you ran out of here without your agenda, you left it right on top of your desk, you ran out of here. when the get ready bell rings, that does not mean run. you hear them on the speaker go "run out of the room as fast as you can like there's a fire"? No, so I'm telling you that you are not going to have a recess for the rest of the week, you're done. I'm tired of picking up your chair every day. Look at that desk, it's like a cyclone hit it. You left home your… you left your family letter here, you didn't bother taking that home. No, I'm going out in that hall and get you. I don't care if I have to walk out to that porch to get you. You don't pick up… I'm walking out and I'm getting you. So just remember who's behind you… who's going to be behind you. You got it, I'm going to have Mrs. hellwig come over and watch the kids, this is the last time I'm putting your chair up, the last time. That's it, I'm done. This is may 12th, this is absolutely ridiculous. A teacher putting your chair up. May 12th, may 12th, and picking up your desk. Mr. biggie was going to pick it up last night, I said "no". Next time she does it I'm dumping it all over the floor, I'm dumping it. That's what I'm doing, dumping it. May 12th."

The last time I heard talk like that was Paris Island, from a D.I.

I'll add other quotes that got my blood boiling as i have time.  If you are a parent of a student who was in this class, feel free to call Tom Mele (Asst. Superintendent of Elementary Education) and ask him what is being done to insure this treatment isn't being repeated.  I've tried FOIL requests to see that the teacher was given proper goals and a TIP, but have been stonewalled by the district.  They don't want anyone peeking at their performance management style (or lack there of) it would seem.  They seemed disinterested in the treatment my son suffered at the 12/14/2010 board meeting.

By the way... Where are the minutes from that meeting?  They should be posted by now according to NY open government laws...

§106. Minutes.
1. Minutes shall be taken at all open meetings of a public body which shall consist of a record or summary of all motions, proposals, resolutions and any other matter formally voted upon and the vote thereon.
2. Minutes shall be taken at executive sessions of any action that is taken by formal vote which shall consist of a record or summary of the final determination of such action, and the date and vote thereon; provided, however, that such summary need not include any matter which is not required to be made public by the freedom of information law as added by article six of this chapter.
3. Minutes of meetings of all public bodies shall be available to the public in accordance with the provisions of the freedom of information law within two weeks from the date of such meeting except that minutes taken pursuant to subdivision two hereof shall be available to the public within one week from the date of the executive session.